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Ted Cruz – a man with two faces

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Law | Comments Off on Ted Cruz – a man with two faces

Voters have recently found out that Ted Cruz, a successful personal injury lawyer, who is a Republican candidate for the upcoming 2016 elections, has been financing his campaign by the loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank. It is widely known that his is very successful personal injury lawyer who earned over $3 million while defending his clients.

During the 2000, he helped George W. Bush with campaign’s papers and later on was throned as Texas solicitor Ted Cruz speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Marylandgeneral and while reforming Texas’ tort law, he got an assignment in New Mexico. Generally, since tort law is a way more friendly towards the victims in this state, Cruz defended $54 million award, in a case of Barbara Barber, a patient who bled to death due to neglecting. A year later, Mr. Cruz was taken to another case, where a mentally disabled man was raped by some employee of ResCare New Mexico facility. Mr. Cruz argued and won for his client $54 million damage. The whole case was settled before the court reached the final verdict.

In the meantime, while all this was in the progress, Mr. Cruz was in the middle of campaign for US Senate, battling for tort reform. However, in the end, he ended up with earnings of $1.6 million in 2011 and $1.7 million in 2012. The thing that was absurdity was that he basically “attacked” personal injury awards for being too high, while at the same time he was preserving his two huge awards. Still, he cannot easily lose his unofficial title “King of personal injuries” since he won many big cases throughout his career.

GOP Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz Campaigns In South Carolina

The point is that you need a good personal injury lawyer, no matter where you are living and how hard your case is. If you are in Florida, website here is your choice.

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Pending changes of collateral – source rule

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Law | Comments Off on Pending changes of collateral – source rule

There is a crack, a flaw among law rules considering personal injury cases, caused by common – law doctrine called the collateral – source rule.
There are, also, current attempts and a proposals to change this rule or at least to limit its use in personal – injury cases.

Trying to explain where the problem lies, hop over herelaw pictured a story of a client he was defending in a personal – injury lawsuit. He ran into a contradictory situation where plaintiff claimed a huge amount of money owed for medical bills, but the actual so called out of pocket expenses were significantly smaller due to write-offs via insurance.

Basically, this means that current rule benefits wrongdoers, just because they have harmed someone who, luckily happened, to have insurance.

The first issue with this rule is the fact that it prevents defendants from exposing all the evidence they have, which would certainly help their defense. They are prevented by presenting proof of payments that prosecutor gained from a third party such as health insurance. Another issue is a rule that bans citation of third party payments.

In order to prevent anyone who harmed someone by negligence to get away with that, many lawyers support this change of legislation.
One of the expected effects is a reduction of verdicts and settlement in personal – injury cases, where prosecutors recover due to lucky circumstances and favoring law rules.Grief

The other side of the story is the risk of, for example, hospital lawyers facing both sides of personal – injury lawsuits.

On another side of the argument, some say the proposed change could prove both a boon and a stumbling block for hospital attorneys, who can find themselves on either end of a personal-injury lawsuit. If doctors end up in the trial as defendants, this proposed change of rules should bring benefits and damage control, but if the hospital treating the plaintiff is the client, the conclusion could come out to be totally different.

The leading idea is to include all the available billing information that wasn’t reviewed and relevant so far, thus leading to more fair legal procedures for those who suffered the harm. Most of the countries have this rule implemented in some form, so the pending change is probably going to impact court systems in many places.

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Few tips for saving the evidence after car accident

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Law | Comments Off on Few tips for saving the evidence after car accident

A car accident can be a very stressful situation, both for drivers and passangers – especially in the cases when they suffer physical injuries, but even more in the case of mental injuries. In that confusing moment, after you realize what just happened, the police officers and medical personnel can even more deteriorate the already shocking situation and cause more fuss. Only in 2014, according to a statistic of the Illinois state, 296,050 car accidents occurred in Chicago, resulting in over 61,000 injuries, while over 96% of these accidents ended up in the court.

The biggest problem with these accidents is that drivers often change their versions of incidents, rarely intentionally but rather due to a huge amount of stress. Witnesses often don’t want to testify or they simple lose somewhere in all that mess. In order to prevent this, we recommend you to have a small notebook and pen in order to write everything you can remember at that moment – from very small details to the important ones. forensic-evidence-feature-661x160

Also it’s good to have a cellphone camera to take picture of driver’s license plate in case he runs away (this happened many times) and generally to take a picture of the vehicle. Also, taking picture of driver’s license is a good way to ensure yourself from possible problems. When it comes to witnesses, you should take the contact information of the witnesses and remember (or even write down) their versions of accidents – this can help you a lot in further processing.

Car crashThe next thing is hiring a good lawyer so that he can finish all the necessary things like analyzing details, getting in touch with insurance companies and so on. For example, this hyperlink can help you with medical negligence, while personal injury lawyer will do everything to help you to claim the lawsuit. He will save you from additional stress and he will properly document the needed papers and information, which can be crucial for winning the case.

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